Hire a professional:

  • We are licensed to do business in Santa Rosa County, FL
  • We carry liability insurance to protect your property
  • We carry a workman's comp policy to protect our employee's
  • We provide personal protective equipment for every employee (PPE)

Job site preparation:

  • We will walk the property prior to work beginning to look for potential hazards such as overhead power lines, traffic flow, swimming pool, sheds, and lawn ornaments
  • We will cone off and protect "no go" areas such as: sprinkler heads, water boxes, gutter downspouts and septic fields/tanks
  • When necessary we will build a track to and from the tree to protect your lawn from ruts to minimize our footprint

How to prepare for your appointment:

  • Turn your sprinklers off 24hrs prior to your appointment time
  • If you have pets, please clean the area before we arrive
  • Remove toys, cars and lawn ornaments from the work area
  • Keep all pets and family members 100ft away from the work area

Upon completion of work:

  • Please let us know if something looks out of place
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions about our work
  • We will provide an invoice for services
  • Please have payment ready (cash, check, cashiers check, or credit card)
  • Leave us a review, so others will be well informed of our work quality
Call us today for a free estimate at (850) 860-1111!