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Since we've been in business, we've provided exceptional work for our clients. We've received nothing short of high praise for our efficiency, dependability and outstanding work quality. When you need tree removal, tree pruning, or storm damage and prep services, you can count on Laird Tree Service to handle it for you.

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Laird Tree Service offers an extensive list of tree services for residential and commercial properties, including:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning
  • Storm Damage and Prep
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We'll put your needs first here at Laird Tree Service. Our clients are our lifeblood, so we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're completely satisfied with our work. Concerned that we might be too expensive? We're positive that our competitive pricing will put your mind at ease.

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What our customers are saying...

They actually came out on a Saturday afternoon and we're able to give me a quote The tree split last week and was in danger of crushing my fence and then damaging my neighbors property beyond that. The other tree was going on the pool when it fell. To top that off, access wasn't the best due to the tree being in the rear of the backyard at the farthest point from street access. An army of tree cutters showed up and took care of business and you could hardly tell they were there, with the exception of the tree missing. It was more than I was wanting to spend on that stupid tree (like anything else, right?) but it was worth every cent! I would definitely use them again. Everything from the initial visit to the end result was professional.

Happy Customer

I wish I could give 6 STARS!!!
Travis Laird sets the bar unattainably high for the competition.
Actually, there may be other competitors out there, but Laird Tree Service has NO competition!

Irrespective of Travis being a Certified Arborist, his professional and personal demeanor is outstanding. Since "There is no second chance to make a first impression," Travis' first impression was stellar.

A tree in our front lawn had a few limbs overhanging our roof. Our home insurer (I don't want to name any federal or national names :-o), felt
the very same limbs which didn't present any danger for the past 3 years, were now an imminent disaster waiting to happen.

We called over 6 tree cutting companies, including Laird. Some never called back.

1) - Travis came out to our place the SAME day we called to set up an appointment. He walked us through "Introduction To Tree Pruning 101" by explaining not only "what-will-be-done" but also "why-we-will-cut-this-but-not-that." His micro course was pleasantly enlightening.
2) - His quote was 20% LESS THAN the next lowest quote we received!!!
3) - The date he set up to come out to do the work was just 2 business days after his initial visit. ••• NOTE: The earliest date I could get anyone to (almost) commit was "sometime in late July or early August." !!! •••
4) - He SAID he'd arrive at 8:00 a.m. He didn't. He arrived at 7:58 a.m.!
5) - HE did all the cutting!
6) - He and his crew of 2 young men worked non-stop for more than 3 the oppressive, sweltering heat & humidity of the Florida panhandle. They practiced excellent work-place safety procedures.
7) - He entertained my requests to do additional cutting (same tree) in order to placate my home insurance company weenies.
8) - He and his crew ran all the limbs, branches and slash through their chipper and then cleaned up the yard, leaving it in better condition than when he arrived.

Travis and Laird Tree Service provide SUPERB work at an exceptionally reasonable price. The professionalism and affability of Travis and his crew was outstanding.

Travis is the gold (platinum?) standard against which all other tree cutting services should be judged/evaluated.

This old, retired NAVY (Submarines) Chief very strongly recommends
Laird Tree Service. Andy H.

Happy Customer

We have just had the best experience. Laird Tree Service has been to our home twice within a week. The first time was to give us an estimate to remove a tree in the back yard. Due to the knowledgeable Mr. Travis Laird, we found out that the tree could be saved with a few critically located cuts. We were happy to hear that because we love our trees. While he was here a tree in the front yard split. It was a tree that needed to be removed but that truly justified the removal. Travis and his crew were so prompt, efficient and cordial I cannot recommend them highly enough. They left the area completely neat and removed all the debris. If you want to support a veteran owned business, get a fair price for a job well done, and have a professional crew to trim or remove your trees, you could not ask for a better company to deal with than Laird Tree Service.


These guys are excellent. Reasonably priced, efficient, stellar workmanship, and clean the place spotless afterwards. A total pleasure to do business with. We have a ton of trees in our backyard and we will use them every time.


We had a very positive experience, start to finish, with Laird Tree Service. I called Travis and he came out on a Saturday morning to talk me through the process of trimming our silver maple. This response was very prompt. I called another Billings tree service company last fall for an estimate and they never responded. We set a day and time for the job and he was on the job right on time. It was 12 degrees that day and he worked nonstop until the job was done. You will be satisfied with their expertise and moral uprightness.


Laird Tree Service did a wonderful job trimming our large maple tree. They were punctual, proficient, professional and did a beautiful job of trimming. They explained ahead of time what they would be doing, then stuck to their original plan. They were expedient without hurrying too quickly, so as to do a thorough job. They cleaned up after their work was done. We did not have to clean up after they left. We wholeheartedly recommend them to others.


Such a pleasure to work with Travis and his crew and our front and back yards look so much better. Excellent price for the quality of work.


Travis came and cleared a big branch that had fallen in a storm in no time flat and cleaned up wonderfully, all within about an hour of first calling him. I then had him and his team return the next week to take out a large tree and do a bit more trimming. All I noticed different when I returned home was no more tree or protruding branches. My yard looks pristine even after all the removal. Fantastic job!


We contacted several tree service companies about removing a falling tree from our front yard. Travis from Laird Tree Service was the only one to call me back. They removed the tree quickly and professionally, and left the site very clean. I would recommend!


So impressed with Travis and his team. He was the first to come do an estimate and had the best prices around. The work was done quickly and the mess cleaned up! Highly Recommend!


After two horrible experiences with local tree service companies I found Laird Tree Service! Travis was very professional, answered all of my questions and followed through with everything I requested EARLIER than anticipated! Tree stumps were removed/ground and a gazillion trees were removed! His crew cleaned up everything just as he said they would. I will never go anywhere else. If you want the job done right the first time - call them!!!!


Travis and his crew did a fabulous job trimming our tree. He returned phone calls promptly, he and his staff were very professional, were on time and finished the job quickly. I would highly recommend them!


Don't Let a Storm
Harm Your Home

Rely on us for storm prep and damage restoration in Milton, Pace, Pea Ridge, Pensacola, & Jay, FL

Storms can hit quickly, and they often hit hard. Be ready to recover with storm prep and damage restoration services from Laird Tree Service.

We provide services to help property owners before and after the next big storm strikes. Licensed and insured, our team will get the job done right. Rely on us to:

  • Trim your trees to reduce the risk of broken branches
  • Remove diseased or broken trees to prevent them from falling
  • Clean up leaves, brush and branches from your property

Comprehensive tree services
in Milton, Pace, Pea Ridge, Pensacola, & Jay, FL

Laird Tree Service is your source for emergency tree removal services in Pace & Pea Ridge, FL. Not sure if your tree is considered dangerous? You may need to take action if:

Your tree is leaning toward your property
Your tree is diseased or infested by pests

You won't have to pay us a dime until the work is complete. To save you money, we offer competitive pricing and free estimates on all our services.

Don't get caught off guard by the next big storm in Milton, Pace, Pea Ridge, Pensacola, & Jay, FL. Contact us today to safeguard your home before a storm at (850) 860-1111.